Parents & Students

Belmont International School is committed to whole child development. If we are to prepare students for life, and for success in the modern day, then we must develop positive character attributes, skills, and attitudes that go beyond academics. We provide opportunities for whole child development by emphasizing extracurricular activities and physical activities, events and functions of all kinds, a range of leadership opportunities, numerous after-school programs, and character-building activities during the school day too.

We also believe parents are an integral part of the school community. Parents are welcome to meet teachers and management by making appointments. We also invite parents to attend various school events and in junior classes, parents are invited to observe classes. Parents are encouraged to volunteer and get involved in the school community in various ways. We ask parents to share their ideas, suggestions, problems, and concerns through email, in person, or during numerous meetings held with parents throughout the year.

Student Life

We try to make life in Belmont International School fun, educational and productive for students while developing their skills beyond academics. We do this in numerous ways-community service projects, science fairs, leadership opportunities, international trips, and sports competitions. Additional programs for older students, such as Boy Scouts and the Duke of Edinburgh Award program, encourage our students to broaden their horizons and build leadership skills. Learn more about the full range of our activities and programs through the links on this page.

“I have been a part of Belmont International School for many years now. Studying, making friends, and memories to live a lifetime. This school teaches its students how to be eco-friendly and good human beings in our society. In my perspective, Belmont International School has been my Pride and this is why I can proudly say that it is known for one of the best schools in Dhaka.”
– Annuz MusSakib, Class IX

The Arts

Belmont International School shines brightly by giving each of the students the proper motivation and inspiration. I immensely appreciate the huge effort Belmont International School gives every year which is reflected by many dramas, shows, celebrating festivals, and cultural programs. Belmont International School as an excellent educational institute helps the students to achieve their goals by showing the right path and offering necessary help and support.”
 Torabi Sarker, Class VIII

Through our art, music, and drama programs, students not only build the skills that are necessary to perform and produce art, but they also hone an aesthetic and creative sensibility; learn about important historical genres, artists and works of art, music, or theater; and learn how to talk about the arts analytically and with appreciation. In high school, our Media Studies curriculum exposes students to the different types of media and their influence on daily life; the impact of media on social consciousness; and media literacy as a 21st-century approach to education.

The arts are also an integral part of our extra-curricular activities. Apart from the annual plays, for older students, which are the highlight of our arts calendar, we also participate in, and sometimes host, cultural events, art competitions and performances, concerts, fairs, festivals, and exhibitions. School events that commemorate our cultural and national heritage include Shaheed Dibash (International Mother Language Day), Independence Day, Victory Day, Eid E Miladunnabi, and Pahela Boishakh. Field trips to art exhibitions and musical performances are another way to broaden the minds of our students.


An organized Physical Education Program is a fundamental part of our curriculum. The campuses of our junior schools have playing areas, and trained teachers supervise sports classes. In the two larger custom-built campuses, there are several sports facilities, including indoor and outdoor hard courts and a swimming pool in the Uttara campus. Our students are not only taught basic skills in physical fitness and in a range of different sports but they are also taught about maintaining their health and well-being. By playing various competitive sports, students develop teamwork skills, as well as discipline.

“It was a great experience for me to represent my school as a player of the memorable International Cricket Tournament that was organized by Belmont International School, Senior Section Uttara. This tournament inspired the virtues of team spirit, fair play, self-control, courage, and persistence within the players from Bangladesh and abroad.”
 Md Abu Hasan Khan Muhit, Class XII

Belmont International School has several junior and senior sports teams for boys and girls. These teams participate in tournaments and matches after school hours or on weekends. Students also take part in various competitions organized by different federations. Currently, the following sports teams represent Belmont International School in various local and foreign tournaments: football, handball, volleyball, cricket, basketball, badminton, swimming, and table tennis.

We are particularly proud of our sports teams, developed in both the Middle and Senior schools, that have participated in countless tournaments and sporting events throughout Bangladesh, and the world, in countries such as Italy, India, Denmark, Australia, and Sweden. Belmont International School‘s students challenge others in football, handball, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and cricket. Our sports teams are ranked among the best in Bangladesh and regularly attain top positions in interschool tournaments. Our young athletes have conquered the far reaches of the globe!

Sporting achievements during 2018-2019:
Table Tennis

Community Service and Leadership

Belmont International School students participate and organize different community services projects such as organizing special drives to collect food or warm clothing for the underprivileged, fundraisers for worthy causes, and other activities that contribute and support community organizations on a regular basis.

To instill the value of caring and sharing in our students, each campus has partnered with an individual organization, with the belief that through volunteer activities within the community, our students will be empowered with responsibility, compassion and will get an opportunity to affect their lives of others. The organizations with which Belmont International School campuses are partnering are Ariel – a preschool for underprivileged students in Rayer Bazaar, Abinta Kabir Foundation, Choice to Change, Dhaka Ahsania Mission’s school for underprivileged children, and Obhizatrik Foundation.

Leadership opportunities in Belmont International School are numerous-students may be selected for the Perfect program, or maybe asked to work with faculty and management to organize different events on campus. Students regularly take leadership roles in after-school clubs, sports teams, and other extra-curricular activities like the Scouts Program and Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Belmont International School has also partnered with The Global Education and Leadership Foundation (tGELF), India to offer a unique leadership curriculum for older students, starting in Class VII and VIII. This curriculum is delivered once a week by Class Teachers during the homeroom period and helps to raise awareness and skills for ethical leadership.

After-School Activity

After-school activities provide students with the opportunity to explore their interests and develop their skills in enjoyable learning spaces that foster students’ curiosity, creativity, collaboration, and character development. Students from KGII to Class XII are encouraged to participate in after-school activities in order to discover their talents, explore their passions, enrich their student experience, and lay the foundation for future careers, pursuits, and dreams.

The after-school activities are divided into junior and senior levels to allow meaningful student engagements. KG to Class VI students join afterschool programs, and Class VII to Class XII students join student clubs.

After School Programs – for KG II to Class VI students. Each program works on specific projects that culminate in a showcase. By working on projects with long-term goals students learn and gain skills with the guidance of a faculty advisor. The following programs are offered to students of KG II to Class VI. Different campuses offer different programs:

Photography and Film Making Club
Indoor Games
Graphic Design
Interior Décor
Art & Crafts
Comic Book Development
Script Writing
Poetry (Bangla/English)
Spelling Bee
Creative Writing
Mathematics Club
Table Tennis

Student Clubs – for Classes VII to XII students. In each club, students elect student leaders who make decisions about the club’s projects and learning goals with the mentorship of a faculty advisor. Under the leadership of an elected student body, each club explores its interests to gain new skills and build a competitive profile for university applications. The following clubs are offered to students of Class VII-XII. Different campuses offer different clubs from year to year:

Model United Nation/ International Relation
Photography And Film Making
Graphic Design
Public Speaking
Community Service
Cybernetics/ Programming
Belmont International School Voice (Online Magazine)
Stallion (Online Magazine)

These clubs and programs give students the skills necessary to develop the confidence to face the challenges and to flourish in an ever-changing and demanding job market. The activities provide an opportunity for teamwork, social skills development, and the development of individual talents of our students.

Belmont International School also participates in and often wins prestigious academic awards in debates, quizzes, Math Olympiads, Chemistry Olympiads, and international academic competitions through the participation of these programs and clubs.

Awareness Programs

As a caring institution, Belmont International School is committed to providing personalized attention to all students. The Student Affairs Unit is dedicated to the well-being of the students in terms of safety, comfort, and happiness.

The Student Affairs unit conducts programs designed to raise awareness about important issues in a child’s life. Various awareness programs are held to brief the students and parents about health concerns and other relevant issues:

  • Drug resistance
  • Safety and security
  • Health and hygiene
  • Etiquette and manners

Events and Functions

The school holds a number of events and functions throughout the school year. These are an important part of our programs, contributing to our educational mission. Some of the events include:

  • Events to commemorate Pahela Baishakh, International Mother Language Day and Shaheed Dibash, Eid-e-Miladun-Nabi, Independence Day, and Victory Day, as well as other national and international events. Various events, such as competitions, shows, functions, recitals, and displays are held in all the sections.
  • Orientation Week is an orientation program for students and parents which are held on each campus before the commencement of the new academic session.
  • Sports events are also held every year to encourage students to participate in physical activities. There are inter-class competitions, matches between schools, and inter-school championships that form a part of our sports program. The sports teams in the Middle and Senior schools have been successful in a number of national and international sporting events.
  • Annual plays and other functions that commemorate international days of significance are also held.

The Annual Class Party allows students to spend their last day of the Term in school with fun and merriment (and an absence of academic work) but within the framework of propriety and discipline.


Going beyond borders is one of Belmont International School’s traditions and is an integral part of holistic education. We believe it is very important to organize field trips and other kinds of trips that expose our students to different challenges, multiple perspectives, and other cultures or lifestyles. Belmont International School was one of the first private schools in Bangladesh to organize foreign trips for its students, starting with a trip to India for the cricket team about 20 years ago! Since then, Belmont International School‘s students have gone on school trips to compete in sports tournaments, leadership programs, and cultural exchanges. Such trips help to develop student’s confidence, public speaking skills, leadership, and competitiveness and expose students to the larger global community and enhance the reputation of Belmont International School abroad. We are proud of the range of trips we arrange every year.

This lists the highlights of the school-arranged trips that our students took throughout the academic year. We would like to thank all the parents, teachers, and management who support our young adventurers as they spread their wings and explore all the corners of our country and the globe!

During the Academic Session 2018-2019:

International Talent Mathematics Contest (ITMC), Thailand, February 2019
A team of 7 students from Senior Campus, Uttara participated in the International Talent Mathematics Contest (ITMC) 2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. Members of the team received the following awards for their performance:
Bronze Medals: Mahir Muhtasim (Class VII), Samin Rahman (Class IX), Saprateev Das and Junayed Rafi (Class XI)
Merit Certificate: Isfahan Jawad Juboraj (Class IX)

12th International Cultural Competition Celesta, India, August 2018
A team from Senior Campus, Uttara participated in the 12th International Cultural Competition Celesta in India. The event was organized by the City Montessori School of Lucknow where 43 National Schools from India and two International schools performed in various categories. Belmont International School secured 3rd Position in “Choir” and received 2nd Consolation Prize in Art. Belmont International School was one of the International schools that participated in the event.

Dana Cup 2018, Norway, July 2018
The U-16 Boys Football Team of Senior Campus, Uttara participated in the Dana Cup 2018 which was held in Hjørring, Denmark. The tournament, one of the world’s largest youth soccer tournaments, provides a great opportunity for school teams to participate in a world-class tournament in an attractive Football and educational setting. 2300 teams and 3900 clubs from different countries participated in the Dana Cup 2018. Our U-16 team played against Egge IL, Slemmestad FB, Madla IL, and Lindas IL Clubs of Norway.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Programs:

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Level Trip, January 2019
For the very first time, the Duke of Edinburgh Club of the Senior Campus, Uttara traveled outside Bangladesh for their Gold adventurous trip. 35 A-Level students participated in the 4-day journey to Meghalaya, India, and visited Umium Lake, Don Bosco Museum, Elephant Falls (Shillong), Sacred Forest, Khasi Heritage Village and Arwah Cave (Cherrapunjee), and Mawlynnong Village, known as the cleanest village in Asia.

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Level Trip, March 2019 and December 2018
83 students from Senior Campus Uttara and 117 students from Senior Campus, Uttara went on a 3 day adventurous trip to Srimangal, Sylhet in March (Uttara) and December (Uttara). The club members participated in various activities such as forest trekking, physical exercise, camping, etc.

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Level Trip, November and December 2018
Members of the Duke of Edinburgh Club of both Uttara and Uttara went on a 2 day adventurous trip to Base Camp, Gazipur to complete the Bronze Level activities in November (Uttara) and December (Uttara). The students participated in various physical activities.

Throughout the year, our students go on field trips as part of their academic and student club programs. Students visit places within Dhaka city, and senior students are also taken outside the city limits or abroad. Below you will find a list of recent trips taken outside Dhaka and Bangladesh.

Habiganj, Sylhet, February 2019
The Graduating Class of 2019 of Senior Campus Uttara embarked on a trip to the Palace Resort at Habiganj, Sylhet to celebrate the final year at school.

Panam City, Sonargaon, January 2019 – The Photography and Media Club of Senior Campus, Uttara went on a field trip ‘Photo Walk’ to Panam City, Sonargaon, and visited the Sonargaon fair and museum.

Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Gazipur, January 2019 – Students of class XI, Senior Campus Uttara visited Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI) in Gazipur as part of their educational field trip.

Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin Folk Arts and Crafts Museum, Panam Nagar, Sonargaon, January 2019 – Students of classes IX & X of Senior Campus, Uttara went to Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin Folk Arts and Crafts Museum in Panam City, Sonargaon as part of their History and Bangladesh Studies curriculum.

BRAC Dairy, Gazipur, November 2018 – Students of class VI from Senior Campus, Uttara went to the BRAC Dairy Plant as part of the educational field trip and learned about dairy products.

Code Of Conduct

Belmont International School‘s philosophy of discipline emphasizes respect, patience, hard work, independence, and self-control. Students are taught good behavior from the very first day of school.

In addition, we teach certain values and principles to encourage positive character building: kindness, honesty, courage, perseverance, self-discipline, compassion, generosity, dependability. These will protect students from negative influences and lay the foundation for them to become good citizens. Behavioral success in school usually goes hand-in-hand with academic success, so it’s a very important skill.

Students are expected to adopt the following ideologies to promote an orderly and disciplined atmosphere in school:

  • Respect moral and social norms and practices of Bangladeshi society
  • Respect the rights and property of others
  • Act considerately towards others
  • Tell the truth and honor promises
  • Maintain and use school property correctly
  • Maintain discipline at all times
  • Try your best at all times
  • Observe the school’s Code of Conduct

Stern disciplinary action is taken in cases of breach of school discipline and misconduct by any student. Every year, Prefects and Monitors are appointed to assist in the enforcement of school discipline.

The school’s Code of Conduct is set out in the Student-Parent Handbook and is shared with students during homeroom period and displayed in classrooms as well.

Discipline Committees in the Senior Section Uttara and Uttara campuses monitor and ensure discipline within the campuses. The committee consists of senior management personnel, supervisors, and faculty.

Student Support

The Student Affairs Unit is dedicated to the well-being of the students in terms of safety, comfort, and happiness within the school environment. The unit focuses on maximizing the potential of each student by building a close relationship between home and school. In the middle and senior campuses, the unit helps students understand and deal with social, behavioral, and personal issues. We are committed to providing personalized attention to all students through counseling and various mentoring and guidance programs.

We have professional, qualified counselors who work with students one-on-one on a range of needs. They also consult and interact with parents, teachers, and administrators in order to develop and implement strategies to help students be successful in the education system and to be comfortable in their personal lives. A mentorship program for new students helps them settle into the new system with ease.

The Student Affairs Unit also conducts programs to make students and parents aware of important life issues such as discipline and positive and ethical behavior. Awareness programs are offered for parents and for students, on topics such as drug resistance, safety and security, health and hygiene, good citizenship, and building character.

We also believe that it is important to recognize the achievement and efforts of our students as a motivating factor for their success. Various methods of recognition are used, including the issuance of certificates and letters, public recognition during assembly or award ceremonies, highlighting achievements in the Newsletter or Yearbook, and providing rewards over the course of the school year.

Summer at Belmont International School

During the summer vacations, SPEED Youth, a sister concern, organizes a summer program ‘Fun Under the Monsoon Sun’ for students of ages 7 to 13 years. The program provides students unique opportunities to engage in a number of different experiences and to spend a socially and physically intensive, as well as academically challenging month. The organizers make sure that students learn new and interesting skills, and enjoy their summer in a unique learning environment.

The program usually runs for 4-6 weeks during summers. Several innovative and out-of-the-box programs are offered to students which are well-structured and held in a safe environment for young people to participate in activities ranging from photography, theatre, soccer, basketball, debate, maths, science, book club, animation, guitar, and lots more!

At the end of the program, a graduation ceremony showcasing the skills learned throughout the summer is held where the youth received completion certificates.


We are proud of our two custom-built campuses. These venues allow us to provide safe and comfortable environments for learning, as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure that rivals schools at a global level. Each campus has been carefully designed and provides numerous facilities for our faculty and students, including:

  • Spacious and comfortable, air-conditioned classrooms
  • An indoor multi-purpose hall, used for events, performances, and sports
  • Outdoor hard-courts that host sports tournaments throughout the year
  • Fully equipped labs for biology, chemistry, physics, and computer studies
  • Library and teacher resource center
  • Cafeteria and fully-operational canteen services
  • Fully stocked bookshop and fee collection booth

Our campus in Uttara, more recently built, also houses a swimming pool!


All of Belmont International School‘s campuses have outdoor space for sports. In the Senior Section Uttara and Uttara campus, there are outdoor hard courts on which students can play basketball, volleyball, handball, and football. The two STM Halls in the two campuses are also used for sports during PE class and after-school.

The Uttara campus has an outdoor swimming pool which is available to older students from any campus to learn how to swim (as a beginner) and to practice swimming as well. Students are taught various strokes and are given opportunities to improve their fitness. A qualified swimming instructor is in charge of conducting all swimming classes.

In addition, students on some campuses are able to access a nearby field for their physical education activities.

Labs and Libraries

Every campus has a school library from which students may borrow books or conduct research.

There are DVD players and televisions in all the sections and emphasis is placed on providing audiovisual opportunities for students to reinforce academic knowledge.

Computer Lab
The computer labs in the Senior Section Uttara and Uttara campuses are used for practical classes of Computer Studies. Students in Class V are given an introduction to computers, and Class IX and X students are guided for the preparation of their O’ and A’ Level Computing coursework. The lab is designed to ensure continuous monitoring of students’ work, while the computers are well-equipped to meet course requirements up to A’ Levels.

Science Lab
The science labs in the Senior Section Uttara and Uttara campuses are designed according to international standards to provide our students with practical knowledge in conducting science experiments. The labs contain modern equipment for students who are preparing for their Chemistry, Physics, and Biology O’ and A’ Level courses.

Multipurpose Hall

Belmont International School has two multipurpose halls located in the Senior Section Uttara and Uttara campuses. With a spacious lobby and full air-conditioning, these halls cater to the various requirements of the school for holding exams, events, sports, and theatrical productions.

Belmont International School is the first private English-medium school in Bangladesh to provide facilities for the British Council, Dhaka to hold the CIE O’ and A’ Level examinations in its own premises. The examinations are held in the STM Hall of the Senior Campus in Uttara and Uttara in May and June every year. All arrangements are made by the British Council to ensure proper invigilation, monitoring, and supervision; our students are able to take this important test in the safe and secure surroundings of their own campus.


The cafeteria in the Uttara and Senior Uttara campuses cater to the needs of students, faculty members, and management. The facility offers wholesome and hygienically prepared snacks and lunch items. The cafeteria is a brightly lit, open area with comfortable seating arrangements where students can relax during their breaks. A menu is chalked out every month incorporating a range of items to provide variety.


Parents can purchase school textbooks, stationery items, and art supplies from the bookshops in Belmont International School. The bookshops are located at the following campuses – Junior Dhanmondi, Uttara, Junior Gulshan, and Senior Section Uttara.
The timings are as follows:

  • Working days (Sunday to Thursday): 08:00 am to 03:00 pm
  • Saturday (all Saturdays till 10th of each month): 09:00 am to 02:00 pm
  • Friday: closed

Campus Safety

The school takes safety and security very seriously.

The following measures are taken to enforce day to day safety and security within the school premises:

  • Full-time security personnel to ensure round-the-clock security in each campus.
  • Metal detectors and archways are used for checking visitors at the entrance points.
  • The use of ID cards is compulsory for all employees and students.
  • Visitors are confirmed through the prior appointments and are not allowed to bring bags onto campus.
  • Only parents, guardians, or authorized persons are allowed to pick up students from school. Security Cards have been implemented to ensure this.
  • All school sections are secured with high barbed-wire fences.
  • The school building and rooms are kept under lock and key after school hours.
  • Each campus has sick rooms/ first aid facilities in a convenient location.
  • Fire extinguishers are kept available for use, and staff is trained to use them.
  • First aid training is regularly given to all faculty and management. In addition, the larger campuses have qualified nurses.
  • Fire drills are conducted on all school campuses at regular intervals.

A surveillance and compliance committee has been formed to inspect the maintenance of school buildings and safety measures.


Belmont International School offers a transport service to students through STS, Belmont International School Transport Services, a sister concern. The air-conditioned bus service is provided from different parts of the city for middle and senior school students.

To avail of its services, students are required to register with STS by filling out a Bus Admission form, which is available at the Campus Front Office, Central Collection Booth, and Central Student Records Department.

Stringent safety measures are in place to ensure students are transported to and from school comfortably and securely. The School buses pick up and drop students from designated pick-up points from three different areas. Members of the faculty are on duty on the buses in order to look after the students, maintain discipline and ensure safety.

We encourage our parents to use the bus service and reduce traffic congestion around our campuses. The bus service is a great way to reduce traffic congestion and we appreciate the cooperation of our parents in helping us provide this service.